Pranarom Guidebook to Essential Oils


Dominique Baudoux, founder of College International d’Aromathérapie, is an internationally renowned pharmacist and aromatherapist. His passion is sharing his aromatic and botanical expertise for the improvement of global health.

Dr. Abdesselam Zhiri has a doctorate in plant biothechnology, and is a researcher with wide experience in the area of plant biological activity research.

After about a dozen years of research in university laboratories, he has joined the scientific team of the top scientific and medical aromatherapy company.

Alongside doctors in biochemistry, pharmacy, zoology, clinicial biology and science, he manages and coordinates the essential oil research programs. Some of the results have been published in an Elsevier journal (Mutation Research) and three other publications are in the press.

He will undoubtedly provide more proof of the amazing efficiency of certain as yet unknown essential oils.

The remedies and suggested practices in this book are based upon quality, organic essential oils to support vibrant health and wellness. We wish you exciting discoveries!

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