Bell Chime -


 Hamsa: Upcycled metal hanging bell chime features three handcrafted copper bells in a hamsa hand setting with teal patina finish and sturdy hanging loop. Dimensions: 14" L, 7" W

Sun: Three handcrafted 2” Indian cow bells hang from jute cord loops below the sun charm. The piece includes a sturdy 5” jute hanging loop. Dimensions: 11" L, 0.5“dia charm All of Matr Boomie's collection is handmade, fair trade and sustainable.

Swapna Rainbow: The center rainbow loop swivels independently. Due to the upcycled nature of the sari material used in this product, expect variation in colors and patterns. Dimensions: 15"L x 10"W

Henna Hamsa: This hamsa shaped bell would light up any home or patio. Create a whimsical display in your store or website of other bells from the Henna Treasure and other bell collections in our line. Dimensions: 11" L, 0.5“

Nandini Eye: This evil eye motif mirror features bright, colorful tassels, a jute hanger and an upcycled metal bell. Buy and merchandise with other bell chimes from our fair trade collection. Dimensions: 6"L x 5"W