Imperfectly Sane


– Sold Out
Imperfectly Sane is a raw and explicit account of bravery and self discovery on a journey of daring the world, with a whole lot of truth. A young girl with a fierce defense of escapism gives a birds eye view of the healing transformations one must go through to overcome a hellish past, face our fears, and own the power we possess through it all.It's the air you need to breath. A mesmerizing and multifaceted stare in the face of trauma, the stories we write about ourselves, and where we can turn for healing, Imperfectly Sane invites the reader to look at collective struggles rarely spoken of from an empowered stance, including but certainly not limited to eating disorders, adultery, addiction, abortion, the karmic roles we play out in our lives, and womanhood, but first, motherhood. Gift yourself with her messages by scrolling up, purchasing, and invite the new beginnings you've prayed for, to finally begin.