Moon Woman Shamanic Healing Cards


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Explore your spiritual and feminine existence using these original Moon Woman products. Beautifully illustrated in the shape of a full moon.

All 28 cards are beautifully illustrated in the shape of a full moon.
The set includes:
* 28 round cards
* 2 instruction cards
* Explanatory and instruction booklet

A woman shapeshifts, her form changes as the moon in its various phases, flowing like a river, quiet and embracing as a lake’s waters, stormy as the sea; all of her parts contained within a single teardrop running down her face. A woman alters, as does the moon.

At times she will be round and full, whole and luminous, content with herself; at others, she may seem to be half-lit, half-shadowed; at others still, sharp and cutting as a razor’s edge. For an instance she may be entirely hidden and totally invisible—she simply disappears. But deep within her being, however, in her center, at her core, she is connected to her source. There, she always remains to be the same woman. Always shining and radiant as the full moon.