Naturulz CBD Night Ugli Butter


UGLI Butter night is a nighttime product that is designed to help you unwind from your day by reducing anxiety, tension, fatigue and stress, both physical and mental, so you can relax, release, get restful sleep and restore.  UGLI Butter Night is a full spectrum, hemp-based remedy, carried in coconut oil, that provides relief where your body needs it most.

UGLI Butter CBD (night) utilizes full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil expressed from whole-food hemp, carried in coconut oil, along with a blend of herbs and raw, whole-food carefully selected to further increase the entourage effect of providing the body nighttime relief by reducing stress and anxiety carried over from the day.

UGLI Butter CBD (night) is gluten free, vegan and diabetic friendly and as a ‘NO JUNK’ product it contains no water, waxes, dyes, fragrances, fillers, emulsifiers, alcohol, isolates, petroleum or synthetic stabilizers. Product will LIQUIFY at 76 degrees and on contact with the skin.