Soul to Sisterhood: Sharing Our Stories, Sharing Our Love


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Soul to Sisterhood is an invitation for readers to fall in love – or deeper in love - with themselves, their lives, and their relationships. With 36 autobiographic stories, 108 universal themes for self-reflection, and 180 experiential activities, this book offers hundreds of transformational opportunities that can be done individually or shared with friends and family. Readers can step into their cyclical Lunar Wisdom, get to know themselves better by connecting to their Chakras, and raise the vibe of their relationships with playful practices... all while remembering the timeless yet potent wisdom that they are not alone.

The women featured in these pages hold up the mirror for readers to reclaim and reignite their passions, purpose, and desires. The engaging Sacred Play Suggestions open the doors of replenishment and rejuvenation. The Themes support readers as they release unwanted patterns and old belief systems. This book is a must have for women interested in recreating and reviving their connection to empowerment, oneness, and their Higher Self. Soul to Sisterhood is about extraordinary women triumphing over extraordinary things. Soul to Sisterhood is you!